Hello and welcome to my pages. Here you find a story about my journey as a transgender woman, as well as items on my interests such as fashion, photography and sprituality.

It was early 2017 when I finally started to understand myself and the feelngs I have had all of my life. I learned that the closest term that describes me is transgender woman. As I am married with a lovely wife and we have amazing children, I am still on a journey to figure out how to balance and live my life. 

I started writing to process my feelings and emotions. I would have kept this all to myself, until a wonderful friend persuaded me to post my stories. If anything I hope with this blog I am able to help you, or just give you a view on the world from a transgender women’s perspective. 

Although I find my journey is complex and difficult, I always look for the positive. This is who I am and I better make most of it. And on top of that, who gets the chance to see the world from both the male and female perspective. 

I have chosen my feminine name, Liv, as I like short names, and I have always felt connected with the Nordics. But most of all I like that in Scandinavia it is the word for live. The journey of Liv is not a goal, but it is showing me to live my truth.

Obviously I am very aware that there is a lot of misunderstanding, negativity and even hate against transgender people. But my feeling is I shouldn’t focus on the negativity if I want to help break the common believe. I feel I have to show love and let people see the beauty of freeing yourself to express your true you. I want to empower others by love as I have been empowered by love. 


8 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful Liv! You’ve brightened my life considerably! We are blessed to have you in our community! ❤


  2. It´s nice to read your story. You´re a amazing and beautiful woman and friend,
    I´m glad to met and to know you. You know you´re always welcome.
    Stay healthy and stay safe.

    Hugs and a big kiss


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