Random act of kindness

Some moments in life, however small, make a lasting impression and can lift your spirit. I am talking about when people do something kind and positive unexpectedly.

Some time ago, I had been invited by my friend, who owns the photostudio, to model for a makeup artist. The makeup artist had to show her skills and for me a great opportunity to dress up and have my makeup done. Needless to say I was very happy with this invitation. The makeup artist was so nice and supportive, that I felt comfortable right away and let her skillfully apply makeup. I loved my looks and after taking some photos, she asked me if she could take off the makeup. 

I had not been out as Liv that often and although nervous about it, I decided to not change back to my male looks. Instead I decided to go out and do some shopping. I would worry about the makeup later. Worst case I would clean my face in the car, before driving home.

I felt pretty and excited when I left the studio. Stepped in my car and drove of to the city centre, parked the car and felt quite nervous. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. Being very aware of my surroundings, I walked towards the city centre and started to feel more comfortable with every step. It was wonderful to go into fashion stores, browse and try on clothes, without feeling out of place. No one really paid attention to me.

I ended up buying some new clothes, and walked back via the local market. Although the market was crowded, many people didn’t glance or look, and I felt more confident and happy. Somehow at a certain moment, footsteps behind me stood out and I started to feel as if I was being followed. You probably know that feeling you have that someone is looking at you. This was that same feeling. So I started to pay close attention. I didn’t change my pace, and I could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. Given I had not been out often and that you sometimes hear how awful people can react to transgenders, I started to worry slightly.

I could hear the pace of the person behind me increase and before I knew we were next to each other. We gave each other a quick glance. I saw a friendly man, but as his pace was faster, he passed me quickly. I felt silly to be have been worrying. But when he was a couple of meters ahead of me, he suddenly stopped and started to turn around. My heart missed a beat, and it made me so nervous. My mind started racing. Why did he turn?

I stopped and he stepped toward me. I held my breath and was unsure what to do. As his face still looked friendly I just stood there. When he was close, he spoke in very gentle words “I just had to say, you look lovely”. I was amazed, a total stranger had just said I looked lovely in the middle of the street. Before I could stutter “thank you”, he took off in the crowd. This moment however small, this random act of kindness, made me feel amazing. It still does. It tells me that in all of the negativity we hear and read about every day, there are amazing moments of light and positivity. 

I don’t know who this man is, but I thank him, not only for the kind words, but to show me the impact of these small moments on someone. His words helped me feel more confident and since then I focus on doing the same for others. I often wonder what the world would look like if we would all do something positive and unexpected for someone else regularly. A random act of kindness. Not because of rules, not because someone asks, but just to show someone else we care and we see them.

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