Comfortable heels

I love wearing heels. Preferably high heels, 3 to 4 inch. Wearing them feels like an ultimate expression of my femininity and boosts my confidence. Yet wearing them a full night can make my feet feel tired. That is until I found insoles that distribute the pressure better.

Normally in high heels a lot of pressure is put on your forefoot. Using some small insoles your foot arch gets supported as well, distributing the pressure better, making your heels feel much more comfortable.

are multiple brands offering these kind of insoles. I personally use ones I bought from a local brand, but an example of a globally available brand is Vivian Lou

I can definitely recommend you to look into some similar insoles, if you want to make wearing heels more comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Comfortable heels”

  1. Do you happen to have a common (enough) size? Mine is only (European) 41, but slightly wider than normal.

    I have one pair of Gabor heels (ankle boots) I can walk around on all day. I have had several days where I have met my step goal on those heels 😉

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    1. I will definitely have a look for the ankle boots. Thanks for your tip! My size is 42 and I do feel fortunate to have quite some choice in shoes.


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