Empower each other

So many times I see people arguing, even within the transgender community, who is right and who is wrong. Who fits the label and who doesn’t. I so wish people would spend more time supporting each other, instead of trying to convince the other is wrong, or even worse, not worth.

For me there is no single truth, we all have our own truth, which we formed during our life. Based on experiences, things that resonated and things we like. So often I see that people project their truth on the life of others, while most of the time they don’t have the slightest clue, what path that other person has been on.

We are all trying to figure out our life.
Looking for our purpose and to give meaning to why we are here.

Sometimes we don’t know and then we are searching.
Sometimes we know, but often afraid to move out of fear.

Fear of walking a path we haven’t walked before.
Fear to take a step toward new places we have to choose.

No one can truly see what someone has been through.
We often judge each other, but haven’t been in their shoes.

We are all different and we might have different believes.
Another expression, but in the end we are all the same.

What I would love is that we encourage each other more.
Encouragement to make those steps so we can reach for what we aim.

Empower others, even if we don’t understand their path.
Allow them, show respect and make them feel blessed.

Applaud the strength of those who go beyond their fear.
Get inspired, learn how they become their best.

I hope we all accept everybody has their own path.
Life is not about convincing others to walk yours.

We are different flavours of the same.
All longing for a beautiful time, defined by our own course.

Instead of arguing, my wish is that we support and empower each other more often.


#EmpowerByLove #BeKind #LearnDontJudge


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