The hardest thing

My sweet and dear friend Sherri, who is always here for me and helps me so much in my journey, some time ago shared this video with me. A beautiful inspirational talk by CiCi.

I have watched it many times, as it is so recognizable. Next to all the support I get from my friends, this video has inspired me to take steps forward. Every time I go out as Liv, I think about it. The first few times, when I was very nervous, I would take a deep breath and think of CiCi’s words to build my courage and step into the world. Now I just think of her words, smile and take the step full of confidence, owning it.


4 thoughts on “The hardest thing”

  1. Thank you so much, Liv. (And to my friend Sherri for sharing my talk.)

    Liv, The timing of this post is perfect as I presented this talk live almost 5 years ago to the date… April 17, 2015. To think that my talk has had such an impact on someone living on a different continent 5 years later and 5000 miles away… is beyond gratifying. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I know its hard, but you get to meet some of the most amazing people on earth!

    Thank you again! Your kind thoughts mean the world to me.



    1. CiCi, it is wonderful to hear from you personally, and I really hope your talk keeps inspiring others. It has made a profound impact on my life. And yes this journey has enabled me to meet amazing people like yourself and Sherri. hugs, Liv


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