Feminine cleavage

As I am not on hormones my breasts are virtually non-existent. Yet when I am expressing myself as Liv I like to have a natural look and ideally some cleavage. I have received many questions on how I do that from sisters and would love to share I create this look.

There is no substitute to real breasts, but as I am still balancing between male and female, I have to stick to some artificial way that makes me feel good. I tried breast forms once, and although they give great volume, it doesn’t give me the natural feeling or look I am after. So I went out to find another solution.

I found these silicone self-adhesive strapless. The bras stick to your skin and have a small strap in the front that allow you to pull them together. They add a bit of volume, and when applying them a bit to the outside of my breasts and then pull them together, I am creating a nice cleavage. Since I lack breast volume I apply two layers of them on top of each other.

I always wear push-up bras to create extra volume. This pushes up my breasts even more. It is not like this creates large breasts, but I like how it looks and feels. I love how natural it looks as my own skin shows when I wear a dress or top with a low cut neckline.

When I go out to gala or dance nights, I sometimes apply some contouring with a brush, accentuating the rounding. Basically taking a darker color contouring powder and then draw a Y between my breasts.

When wearing the magic bra, the silicon takes your body warmth, almost feeling they are part of you. Most important is that they hold really well, I haven’t had any awkward moment, of them moving or releasing, even though I am wearing them regularly and am quite a fan of dancing.

I am using the ones by the brand MAGIC, but I have seen other brands offering similar styles.


5 thoughts on “Feminine cleavage”

  1. Hi Liv,

    I’d seen these advertised but was cautious about recommending them to my friends without an independent review. You always look so wonderfully natural, so I’ve passed the word on.
    Thanks for this !!



  2. hi hunny! Thats what I do too!! I love them but now that I’m on hormones I have some real breasts too! You look so beautiful my love! I love you! Kisses … muah


  3. hivLiv darling!,

    i love your site and all of your articles… we share a lot in common! So glad we are friends! thank you so much.. i love you.. kisses muah… Christina


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