Getting ready for a photoshoot

A while ago I received an invite to do a photoshoot. By having multiple people join the shoot, we would be able to share the cost for the photographers and makeup artists.

I loved the idea and made plans to join them. I really enjoy shoots for several reasons. Where I don’t really like to be visible in male mode, it is wonderful to express my femininity and be seen as Liv. I guess it feels like ultimate acceptance to put Liv in the spotlight.

The fun always starts well before the shoot. For this shoot we had the opportunity to select two outfits and we would have two different photographers. We were asked to share a mood board and ideas for outfits to the photographers. One of the photographers reached out and asked me if I would be up to do black and white photos. I absolutely love black and white style and must admit I am eager to see the results. Selecting outfits and makeup styles, browsing Pinterest for ideas really started the excitement. I must have pinned dozens of photos, and the photographers really helped me with other ideas. I decided to bring a flowery set for the first shoot and a black body and short leather skirt for the second. I ended up packing two bags of clothes and heels, and even brought some props. I decided to bring additional dresses and heels, to be able to switch last minute.

The shoot was last Sunday. I was not looking forward going there in male mode, but as they had professional MakeUp Artists (MUA), it would not make sense to do my makeup. When I arrived some girls were already in makeup and I could not wait to get started. So I quickly slipped into a dress and heels, and before I knew one of the makeup artists signed me to come and have my makeup done. It is wonderful to have your makeup done by a professional. Quickly we were chatting about all kinds of things, but mostly makeup and I love she shared some wonderful tips. For example she used a wet concealer on my eye-lids. This evens out the eye-lid and creates a wonderful base for the eye shadow. Using a wet concealer, makes that the eye shadow stays on better and shows more color. I knew about concealer on the eye lid, but I powdered them before applying the eye shadow. Her tip makes so much more sense, as the eye shadow is basically a powder.

In applying the eyeshadow she told me that if the areas above your eye are big enough you can use a highlighting color just underneath the end of your eyebrows. But that you should avoid it when the area is to small. She applied way more eye shadow than I normally do, and I love how it looks.

She also applied more contouring to my cheeks and I think it shows in the photo. Highlighting my cheeks more. At the lower eye line, she told me to try a skin color instead of white next time. It open the eye, but looks more natural. On the eye line she used a soft brush underneath my eyes to blend a little bit of the eye shadow color. Although my brows are quite thick, she used an angled brush to fill some gaps and make them look smoother. For my lips she used a brush and mixed some lipstick colors to get to the right tint. Normally I use a pencil for the outlines, and she gave the advice to after applying lipstick you can use an angled or small brush with concealer to make the lip line clearer and more defined.

I love the result, and the different look. Next time out I will definitely try some of her tips. Needless to say I felt wonderful. After the makeup I had some time to meet the other girls and have a chat. It was nice to have a look while others were having their photoshoot. Once I have some photos from the shoot, I will post more about the photoshoot itself.



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