Those who know me well, know I like whisky. I can really enjoy a good glass, ideally when with friends. A while ago I read about an new brand. Their founder Annabel, had left her job in 2013, in order to create a modern, sustainable whisky.

Today I received an email that they are releasing their first batch. The brand is called Nc’nean ( and they took inspiration from the name of an ancient Gaelic goddess Neachneohain. This goddess was known as the Queen of Spirits and a fierce protector of nature. What I like is that she was strong and independent, not afraid to walk her own path. This obviously resonates a lot with me.

I love the entrepreneurship and dedication of the team and I am pleased I was able to get hold of one of the bottles in their first batch. I know it is a business, but once in a while a brand story makes sense and gets to you. Their first release is called Ainnir, which fittingly means ‘maiden’ in Gaelic. The packaging is downright beautiful, and I will definitely follow this distillery.


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